Terms & Conditions of use

Initial information

The present section of www.dias.com.gr aims to inform its users/ visitors (hereinafter referred to as user(s), visitor(s), you) on their rights and obligations as well as on the rights and obligations of Interbanking Systems S.A. (hereinafter referred to as DIAS, the Company), whose property this website constitutes.   

Visiting www.dias.com.gr, you are expected to have read and unreservedly accepted the terms and conditions of its use, mentioned below. DIAS strongly welcomes you to meticulously read the present terms, in order to fully comprehend them. In case that you disagree with some or all of the terms and conditions you should directly leave the website and refrain from any further use of it.  

DIAS may alter the content of the website’s terms without former notice or any restriction. Solely posting the updated terms and conditions in the present section renders them valid and applicable. As a result, DIAS strongly recommends you to regularly visit this section, in order to stay updated on any change, rectification, alteration or addition that takes place. 

Our Company

The website www.dias.com.gr belongs to the property of:


Distinctive title: DIAS S.A.

Registered Office: Marousi, Attiki

Address: Alamanas 2 Str., Maroussi, P.C. 15125

Tel.: +30 210 6171600

Email address: info@dias.com.gr

General Electronic Commercial Registry No: 000740401000.

T.I.N. No: 094281390

Intellectual and Industrial Property

The Company’s website as a whole, www.dias.com.gr including this domain name, belongs to the property of Interbanking Systems S.A. and is protected by the national and European legislation with respect to intellectual and industrial property.

Exceptionally, rights on trademarks, distinctive titles and characteristics as well as other rights of intellectual or industrial property that belong to third parties, are not included in DIAS’s property. These third parties remain solely responsible for the protection of their intellectual and industrial property rights.

An indicative list of information included in the website and belonging to DIAS S.A. is the following: texts, documents, headlines, titles, photographs, images, product/ service description, advertising or marketing messages and logos, trademarks and distinctive titles, as well as the website’s structure and content archiving (hereinafter all these elements are referred to as “the content”). Posting the content in the present website should not be deemed as DIAS’s resignation of its legitimate rights on its property nor as a license to the user/ visitor of the website for further use.

Every use, exploitation, transmission, publication, alteration, act of rebroadcast, loading, presenting, sale, translation, transfer, reproduction, distribution and every other use of the website’s content is strictly prohibited, unless DIAS has given its written consent. Exceptionally, it is permitted for users/ visitors to partially copy, print and save the website’s content only for domestic purposes, under the condition that they clearly mention the content’s source. These actions should never take place for commercial or other non-domestic purposes.

Users’ rights – Personal data

During your browsing in this website, DIAS may collect information that constitute your personal data. You may find further information on your personal data processing in the relevant section of the website.

Additionally, DIAS may store cookie files in your device, after you have explicitly provided it with your consent. You may find further information on cookie files in the relevant section of the website.

Users’ obligations

During your browsing, you undertake the obligation to comply with the present terms of use and not to act abusively or against their content, the law, commercial practices or good faith, in order not to harm the Company’s fame and reliability. 

The website’s use is permitted solely for legitimate purposes. The visitor should refrain from any action that aims or is possible to harm the website’s function, to block its visibility, to alter its content or to cause overloading problems or cyberattacks.

Additionally, the user should not use the website for the purpose of publishing or sending messages, images or other information with unlawful, threatening, abusive or insulting content. In such case, DIAS retains the right to delete and not answer to this information, to disallow any further communication with this user and to exclude their access to the website or some parts of it.  

You undertake the obligation to abstain from any use, copy, act of reverse engineering of the website’s software or technology.

Despite the fact that DIAS takes actions to protect the security of its website, you have to be aware that you solely are responsible for protecting your hardware and software from viruses and malicious software during your browsing. DIAS’s liability for such events is excluded. Also, you are responsible for possessing and having access to hardware and software required for the use of the website.

Limitation of DIAS’s liability

DIAS offers the website content “as is”, without any guarantee of its performance, quality, security or visibility.  

Despite the fact that DIAS tries to maintain the information included in the website trustworthy, valid and correct, it cannot be held liable for the content, even if the information of it is wrong, deficient or unclear.

Every article, document or other information, included in the website, concerning legal, financial, taxation or other specialized issues have solely an informative character and should not be deemed as professional advice or consulting offered to you by DIAS. You are fully responsible to critically examine the rightfulness and suitability of the information provided and to act according to your free will and best interests. DIAS should under no circumstances be held liable for any information included in its website nor for your free actions, after you have obtained this information, even if these actions result in your financial or moral damage.  

The description of DIAS’s services and products cannot be interpreted as a final proposal for the conclusion of a contract between DIAS and the user nor can be any other element presented in the website.

DIAS makes efforts to keep the users’ browsing ceaseless and uninterrupted. However, the Company is not liable for interruption, impairment or delay of information transmission. DIAS is also not liable for its website’s content alteration, for temporary or permanent cease of the website’s function, or any other technical problem that may arise.

The website contains links to third parties’ websites. These links are included in the website solely for the sake of convenience and they do not constitute DIAS’s suggestion or recommendation to follow them. DIAS does not carry any responsibility concerning the availability, lawfulness, rightfulness of the third parties’ website or even for the existence of malicious software that may harm your hardware or software due to your visit to this website.

Limitation of DIAS’s liability as explained in the present section covers also potential ambiguity, mistakes, defaults due to the Company’s negligence.

DIAS’s rights

DIAS has the following rights:

  • Exclusion from the website’s use or interruption of access to it, in case that DIAS believes that the visitor does not comply with the present terms or with the provisions of the applicable legislation.
  • Deletion of personal data, in case that DIAS is notified by competent public authorities that it has collected the data unlawfully from a person other than the subject, falsely claiming to be it, or for any other legitimate reason.
  • Interruption of the website’s functioning either temporarily or permanently and without previous notice, in order to alter, update or upgrade its content.
  • Alteration, deletion or completion of the website’s content.

DIAS’s rights under the present terms are mutually recognized by both DIAS and the website users and can be exercised complementarily with any other right arising either from the law or contractually.  

In case the visitor breaches any of the present terms, DIAS has the right to claim condemnation for damage either material or not, including loss of opportunity, that it suffered due to this breach. The condemnation includes any amount that DIAS was obliged to pay to third parties due to the visitor’s violation. The present clause does not replace any other legal or contractual claim for condemnation.

Applicable law and jurisdiction

Drafting, application and interpretation of the present terms of use is subject to Greek law and the law of the European Union. The Courts of Athens have exclusive territorial competence for every dispute that may arise with respect to the website’s content.

In case that, one or more terms are deemed to be invalid, these terms may be interpreted in such way so that the reason caused the invalidity is extinguished. Even if such interpretation is not possible, the validity of the other terms is not affected. Every alteration and change of the terms’ content has to be written and posted in the present section in order to be valid. 

For any comment, clarification or observation you have with respect to the website, you may contact DIAS, using the afore-mentioned contact details.

Latest update: December 2021.