Corporate Governance
The Board of Directors

Our Company’s BoD has nine members, elected for a three-year tenure by the General Meeting of Shareholders. The BoD has undertaken decisive duties on various issues concerning the Company’s strategy, its asset management and the accomplishment of its key purposes, without prejudice to issues that fall within the context of the General Assembly of Shareholders’ exclusive responsibilities. Subject to this, it represents and makes binding decisions for the Company on any other issue concerning its function.  


DIAS has formed several Committees that assist the Company's Management in ensuring its smooth operation, based on principles of fairness, transparency and efficiency.

Organizational chart
Company's Structure
Company's Articles of Incorporation

You may download here the document containing DIAS’s Articles of Incorporation, as it was adopted by the General Meeting of Shareholders on 6/30/2022.

Articles of Incorporation
Code of Deontology and Professional Conduct

DIAS ensures that its operations and structure are fully complied with the current and applicable legislation and regulated by strictly applied deontological rules of conduct. These rules concern the relationship between shareholders, managers, employees and other stakeholders and are set by the Code of Deontology and Professional Conduct that DIAS has adopted.

Code of Deontology
BoD Charter

You may download DIAS’s BoD Charter here, as it was formally approved by the BoD on 10/05/2022.

BoD Charter