Marina Krimba

Marina Krimba currently holds the position of the head of Operations Transaction Banking & Centralized Services Sector. She has 26 years of banking experience, with an emphasis on Payments, with a clear understanding of customer needs and results-driven culture. She started her professional career in the Organization & Planning Sector of the Eurobank, initially with the object of process re-engineering and then served large projects of the Bank, with an active role in the domestic mergers and acquisitions. In 2008, she took over as head of the Cash Management & Cheques Unit and in 2010, she took over the responsibility of the Trade Finance, Payments & Cash Management Unit. She is currently, a member of the Coordinating Committee of Payments, Operations & Digital Banking of the Hellenic Banks Association, a member of the Eurobank Operational Risk Legal Cases Handling Committee, a member of the DIAS Board of Directors and a member in the consultations of the Athens Clearing House. She holds a degree from the Management and Economics Faculty of the Patras University, specializing in Business Administration.

She warmly supports change with continuous improvement, simplicity, straightforwardness and open-mindedness, while her priority is the continuous professional development of her teams.