RF/QR Payment Code for payments of vehicle transfer fees

Henceforth the payment of fees for passenger car or two-wheel vehicle transfers becomes more secure and quick, as electronic fee payments are now added to the digital vehicle transfer process. More particularly, citizens are now offered the possibility of using RF/QR payment codes, to complete fee payments (vehicle/driver’s license and transfer fees) via a web/mobile banking app from a bank of their choice.

Currently, the issuance of an RF/QR payment code is offered for vehicles registered in the Region of Attica. In the near future the service will be geographically extended to also include the rest of the Country’s Regions. It is noted that a vehicle may be digitally transferred either via gov.gr, category of services “Citizens and everyday life”, subcategory “Movements” or directly via the e-platform: https://drivers-vehicles.services.gov.gr.

The RF/QR payment process via web/mobile banking is remarkably simple. Electronic fee payment not only simplifies the vehicle transfer process, but it also enhances its security level in favor of both citizens and the public services of the Region of Attica, offering various benefits to both sides:

  • Transactions’ simplification, acceleration, and security level update.
  • The Region of Attica is instantly notified of the fee payment.
  • The accuracy of payment data is ensured.
  • Citizens are offered a familiar experience, common with the one offered to them for other public and private sector payments.

The service was implemented and is offered by the Ministry of Digital Governance, the General Secretariat of Digital Governance and Simplification of Procedures as well as the Region of Attica in cooperation with DIAS S.A. and the domestic credit institutions.